Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Wardrobe Wear, WWW Vintage Style

It's freezing everywhere, even here in Florida the chill is blowing in. Although I am a sun lover, these temps always make me want to do a winter review of my warmer pieces of vintage. All of the dresses I am writing about may be available at at my store Vintage Stew on Etsy.

This is an 80s bodycon dress by Outlander. I love the electric blue beading with a hint of flesh underneath the sheer fabric bodice.

This dress has been given a shorter hemline, it originally fell a little bit mid calf and while I thought it looked pretty good I wanted to give the dress a younger attitude.

I think the square shoulders are softened by the beautiful beaded lattice detail which is in exquisite shape.

This shape of dress always reminds me of Lauren Bacall.

The beautiful late 60s early 70s era maxi is by Lanzillotti for Bzzz-Bzzz California. I've done quite a bit of Internet research but can't dig up anything on this old label.

The fabric has a soft flannel type feel to it and the fit is for a curvy girl.

I love the mod floral textile and think this would be a terrific hostess gown for a swank winter cocktail party. The print kind of reminds me of puzzles I'd do as a kid with my mom in the dead of winter.

This purple plumb sweater dress is by Joni Blair and it still has its tag on! I had the exact same dress in 8th grade. It kept me very warm living in Ohio and I felt like a grown up city girl wearing it.

It's a very sexy sweater dress and really hugs curves in all the right ways. I love finding dresses that I have worn in the past. Talk about a clothing flashback. However, I think this sweater dress stands the test of time and just has one of those classic shapes that works well on a lot of different figures.

This ultra mini sweater tunic is another 80s number by Joni Blair of California.
This was in my personal collection and I wore it to work, however, it was much longer. Sadly there was a pucker in the knit and I had to turn it into an ultra mini.
It has the same appeal as the purple one listed above and looks terrific with leggings. This dress works for someone petite such as the model or for a slightly curvier gal. The front bodice has delicate yarn flower decoration. It kind of reminds me of an Easter dress but it's really Lolita sexy.

That's it, that's all...try and stay warm, the "dark months" are still upon us, spring won't be here for a while!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jump Suits...they've always been a YES for Me.

My mother made me a rust corduroy jumpsuit when I was about seven. This was the "earthy era" way before "Going Green" was in. Earth Shoes were everywhere and so was I in my rusty, earth tone, zip up the front, just a hint of flair leg, original jumpsuit.

As far as I was concerned at age eight, Wilma Deering from the children's educational show "Buck Rogers" was where the wonderful world of jumpsuits all began for me.

Yes, I admit, the chocolate color of Wilma's spandex jumpsuit is working for me. I even like Twiki the robot's platinum jumpsuit.

For some reason, I am still comfortable with my love of jumpsuits, although space jumpsuits and 70s poly numbers tend to be pretty camel toe in the general scheme of fit...please forgive me Dolly!

What doesn't sit well with me was my crush for Buck Rogers. I have always had a thing for space ship captains. First, the obvious, Captain Kirk, then there was Han Solo, and I have no shame in that one. Buck fit in there too and in my 20s it was Captain Picard. What can I say? Maybe I like men who can navigate constellations, space shit and meteors but most of all, my fantasies as a precocious young girl were mild and vaguely centered around play acting as a kid with any "fill in the blank captain" disrobing me from my jumpsuit ... and I do not mean Captain Kangaroo.

I digress, as usual. Here is a beefy visual history of my vintage jumpsuits, everybody go ahead and JUMP like Diamond Dave! Most of these jumpsuits have sold but I am always re-stocking Vintage Stew and on on the hunt for a fabulous jumpsuit.

Photo by Tara Tomlinson of Aperture Photography, SRQ, FL, 80s Regina Kravitz black jumpsuit, the shoulders on this baby are pure angular 40s retro.

The front bodice is open for either full cleavage exposure or worn with a bustier. 80s glam to the nines. Russian women seem to dig these vintage suits as clients.

I felt like a model for the first Cars album (the inside cover) and thanks to Brian Blur and Tara Tomlinson, they helped me fulfill a real vintage fantasy! I've been wanting to do a shoot like this since 1980!

Animal print 60s jumpsuit in silky nylon. Zip front, slight flare to the leg. Jayne Mansfield goes to pit crew.

I have not been able to put this one up for sale yet, I always want an excuse to put it on.

I plan on wearing it again this year and I will not apologize for the repeat.

This sweet little number reminded me of a lot of the retro stuff that is coming out of American Apparel the past year or so. This was a metallic synthetic jumpsuit in silver and black. I was so sad that it was a size petite, I looked like a stuffed sausage in nylon when I tried to squeeze into this thing. Oh yes, and I tried.

Oh and the mannequin, yes, I know, she's tragic.

I called this one my "Lady Gaga" jumpsuit. It finally sold and that makes me so happy because this is a very unique jumpsuit that was made in the U.K. in the 80s. Not quite pleather, not quite synthetic. Not yet a girl, not yet a woman...WAIT a MINUTE, this jumpsuit is way deeper than some gross song by Brittany Spears.

Someone finally had the nerve to put this one, I just love it.

This is an 80s total Valley Girl cropped leg jumpsuit out of cotton. It has a quilted waffle weave upper and was built for airy wear. I wasn't sure if someone would appreciate this jumpsuit the way I did but it found a home.

Compared to most jumpsuits, this one is kind of a yawn but I'm all about easy, breezy comfort pieces for warm climates.

Local SRQ beauty Veronica rocks another one of my Regina Kravitz jumpsuits from the 80s. Regina seems to have had a thing for dipping exposed fronts on jumpsuits and the typical 80s angular shoulders. I love her designs and wish chicks would have taken better care of these sexies because they're classics to me.

The beauty of this jumpsuit is the beaded sleeve detail. The upper was blousy and the pants were baggy, pure 80s elegant glam. Amazingly the beads on this garment were intact and didn't require any repair on my part. Re-beading and correcting old problems with these pieces is something I do on a weekly basis.

This is a disco halter, totally early 80s. Spaghetti straps, gathered waistband and drapy legs hemmed narrow at the ankle. When I see jumpsuits from this era, I can't help but think about Studio 54 and dance floors filled with fabulous jumpsuits and gold bling.

A late 80s jumpsuit by Willi Smith. This is a style I call the rich "Kept Woman" jumpsuit. Blousy, yet femininely body fitting, hugs the booty in silky sexy way.

And then the ubiquitous tuxedo shirt style. Let's face it, this is a classic early 80s jumpsuit that came with a cummerbund. Masculine feminine, Victor/Victoria fabulous.
Well that's it for our tour down Jumpsuit Memory Lane. Thanks for indulging me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anne Klein - Lion Logo Vintage Scarf Roars

Anne Klein introduced her trademark logo after already having a long and successful career in the fashion industry. The lion logo was launched in 1972 and is Anne Klein's astrological sign.

Anne Klein died of breast cancer in 1974 but her line continued on with Donna Karan. As a kid I can remember the ads and clothing created for her brand and always picking up a very New York City chic kind of vibe and a hint of Faye Dunaway. I highly recommend taking a tour of Anne Klein's history on her website HERE. She was a Brooklyn gal and was instrumental in the launch of modern sportswear.

One final note, notice the fabulous stippled design for the A.K. logo?! I don't know if the lion logo will ever reach the status of Seurat's "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" stippled piece but I certainly, for sure, love both of these images.

This fabulous vintage silk scarf is available for purchase at Vintage Stew on Etsy right $$HERE$$.

Winter Chills, Cure with Winter Vintage

I'm freezing. It's January in Florida, my plants are covered in sheets, I'm wearing socks and slippers, fleece leggings (I didn't even know I had!) and an old comfy sweater and I am still freezing. Which leads me to this interesting vintage maxi from the 60s.

According to the weight and feel of this fabric, it apparently got cold in the 60s here in Florida. Which just prompted me to Google weather temps for the 60s in Florida. "Hey, wait, there really may be a correlation with where I am going with this!?" Google spewed this fact back "The winter seasons of 1960-61 and 1980-81 produced significant cold spells across parts of South Florida." First, it's usually pretty fuckin' hot around here or at least very pleasant in January. But cold, like this? Hell no. A New College student could do an entire thesis on fashion design in Florida and influences from weather. Um...stay with me.

This piece of vintage was made in the 60s by Flair of Miami, Inc. and yet I can't dig up anything on this company, other than other vintage sellers selling a design or two made by the same company.

This mod winter maxi by Flair of Miami Inc. is NWT (New With Tag) in a mod colorful dotted swirl pattern is a screen printed fabric and feels like sheered velvet. The dress has a Dolman upper and has a wide matching fabric belt and gold buckle. Groovy never felt so smoothy...forgive me for that.

The fabric tag states this dress is a "Gallery Screen Prints." The design on this fabric is printed by a fine silk screen process. Machine wash in cold water. This fabric has been treated to not wrinkle. It's entirely psychedelic and for sale at Vintage Stew on Etsy, $$HERE$$.

Tonight is the night to be wearing this fine dress in Florida, the perfect home gown for entertaining friends with hot toddy's and a game of Russian Roulette Scrabble.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mad Men Casting Call...Christine Alexander...Vintage Clothing...Need I say more? OK, I will...she needs your vote!

Mad Men, the fabulous retro tv show, is currently having a casting competition in conjunction with Banana Republic.

Christine Alexander, of SRQ Improv fame and Anything Arts is shoe-in for winning this but she needs your help.

Please click the link and vote here for: CHRISTINE ALEXANDER. You can vote once a day - AND you don't have to sign-in, which is cool.

Wouldn't it be fun to have another SRQ peep make it to Hollyweird?

She is wearing a fabulous vintage 50s cocktail dress and couldn't look more the part for this casting call.

Christine's makeup was done by my friend Lauren Mitchell who is available for private makeup sessions, you name it, she can do it. Lauren is MAC trained and knows many tricks of the trade. Lauren can be reached here: Lauren Mitchell, shoot her an email if you are looking to be prettified.

The photo session was with Billy Elkins of Encompass Creative who was responsible for my Atomic Holiday Bazaar Bettie Page photos last year. He's shooting me next week for Atomic and it will be retro, vintage and fun!
Please consider taking the time to vote for Christine and best of luck gal!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pump up the Volume, Pure 80s Vintage!

Lots of fabulous vintage from the 80s, all fixed and hemmed into minis for reentry into the 21st century have been posted to Vintage Stew today.

Get yourself some of this:

Available @ Vintage Stew today.
To learn more about clothing designer Regina Kravitz, a NYC designer heavily influenced from the 20s and 40s eras, read about her here: Regina Kravitz.
Vintage Stew 80s Glam stock available for your viewing pleasure here: 8 0 C L I C K H E R E !